A simple, effective tool for finding wasted disk space.

Curious what's taking up so much space on your hard drive? Disk Atlas was designed to give you the clearest view of exactly that.

Scroll down to see how it works, or watch a video.

Disk Atlas beta

[Most everything on the site is just a placeholder right now. Disk Atlas is still in development. Contact westoncb@gmail.com with any questions.]
Choose a drive or folder to analyze.
step 1

Take a look around.

Bigger rectangles are taking up more space.
step 1
Go inside folders if you'd like.
step 1
View only the biggest items, or see smaller items too.
step 1
If you find something you don't need, move it to the trash.
step 1
Empty the trash.
step 1
bullet point Analyze any connected drive, or specific folders.
bullet point Runs on Windows and macOS. Linux coming soon.
bullet point Low one-time cost. No ads, subscriptions etc.